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T-shirts tell the stories of our lives – what schools we attend, what sports we play, what causes we believe in, what concerts we go to, and what organizations we work for…

At Sportsprint we take great pride in helping you tell your story – whether it be on a t-shirt, baseball cap, tote bag, or jacket.
With Sportsprint screen printed and embroidered apparel, you can:

  • Create Identity
  • Foster Loyalty
  • Develop Awareness

For your school, team, brand, and cause!

Let our knowledgeable and friendly staff assist you with all of your custom design, screen printing, and embroidery needs, from the ball field to the board room. We'll help you select a high quality product, create custom artwork, and ensure our work meets your specifications. We provide guaranteed quality, competitive pricing, and superior customer service. Please follow the link below to a catalog of our most sought-after items. Or call 314-521-9000 and ask for a Sales Representative – we’re always happy to help you!       

At Sportsprint we are constantly working towards making your t-shirts greener...

No, not in their color, but in the materials your products are made from: Organic cotton, recycled cotton, bamboo, and recycled polyester now available!

LEARN MORE about what we are doing to help...

  • The materials your products are made from....
    Organic cotton, recycled cotton, bamboo, and recycled polyester now available!
  • The process with which we decorate your clothing.....
    We’re in the testing stages of some new eco-inks!
  • The building in which your orders are created...
    We’ve reduced our waste by at least 25% in the last year by recycling all of our office paper and  beverage containers!

We believe that sustainability is an ongoing practice that requires continuous improvements.

Did you hear? Sportsprint now offers a full eco line of apparel and accessories with your custom-designed logo or name, from bamboo tshirts to organic cotton hoodies to recycled bottle totebags! Some of our most popular eco items are shown here, but ask us about any particular eco apparel item you’re interested in – we can provide it for you!

Call 314-521-9000 and talk to a sales representative today!
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