WHAT WE DO: Custom Design


With our talented Design Department, we are able to offer you 3 options for your design:

1) Design Templates

This is the most economical option when you don’t already have a logo or design that you want to use. After 35+ years in business, we’ve created thousands of original designs for schools, teams, businesses, and clubs similar to yours. View our online gallery of design templates and select one you like. One of our designers will then customize it especially for you, “name-dropping” your own text into the design.

2) Create Original

When you want a completely new look, our team can make it for you. Let us know your vision, and we’ll create it. Our experienced graphic designers continually wow us with their ingenuity and fresh take on things. Our artistic creations are expressly made for screen printing on your designated products, making us different from your average graphic design studio because we know the printing process and how to create the best design for your look.

3) Your Logo or Artwork

If you’ve already worked with a designer to create your very own logo or graphic, or if you’re the designer yourself, send us a digital file, and we’ll make sure it’s screen-ready! We typically need your art file to be in a vector format, so if it’s not, we may charge a nominal fee to re-create your artwork in a format we can work with. Read here for more details on submitting your art to us.

Whichever method you choose, you will always receive a proof of so that you can see what your design will look like on the product. The proof will show you the ink colors to be used on your order, the print size dimensions for your artwork, and the print locations you have specified. Or for embroidery, the proof will show you the digitized image of your logo in stitches.

At this time, you are still able to make any changes or modifications to your design, such as different colors, size, location, etc. We only start your job when you are thrilled with the proof and have approved it for printing or embroidery!

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